Old Melbourne Gaol



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The Old Melbourne Gaol was constructed in 1845. When gold was discovered in 1851, law and order plummeted. A second cell block erected was erected in 1858. Australia’s notorious criminals spent time within those walls, while the gallows bore witness to 133 hangings. It allows for an interesting look into the guard rooms, phrenology, hangman’s trade, as well as experiences of women and children in the gaol. The Police Watch House hosts a ‘role playing’ tour where one is supposedly arrested and locked up for an opportunity to view the cells and the male and female exercise yards up close.

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29 thoughts on “Old Melbourne Gaol

  1. We have prisons in US .. most famous probably Alcatraz. I have not visited any of these open-to-the-public prisons. I would love to visit Alcatraz some day. Good pictures of the Old Melbourne Gaol.

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    • I’m pleased you liked the lighting – it took some doing to get the lighting work well as it was pretty dark in some areas. It is interesting, and the role playing added drama to the guided tour experience.

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  2. What a fascinating place. I especially love the pictures of the atrium-like space with the walkways.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!


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