Critters Down Under

Healesville Sanctuary is a popular tourist attraction focused on Australian animals. Emus, dingoes, wombats, Tasmanian devils, platypus koalas, and kangaroos are some of the more popular native wildlife that inhabit the park. Opportunities to get up close for a selfie with these creatures as part of the MagicMoments experience are on offer.The Sanctuary has an area devoted to showcase the 40,000 years old Indigenous culture of Wurrunjeri people. Visitors can check out the Animal Wildlife Health Centre to observe vets in action as they care for ill and injured animals that total more than 1,500 a year. Which animal would you like to have a selfie?

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8 thoughts on “Critters Down Under

  1. “‘I am over 150 years old’- and yet they thought it was a good idea to nail a sign to me”. Loved the pics. Must be ten years since I visited. It all looks very different and much better than I remember it. (Apart from the nail in the tree!)

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      • Yes! I’m lucky I get to watch a lot at home. We have a resident blue tongue lizard, ringtail and brush tailed possums, plus frequent visiting magpies, cockatoos, correllas, butcher birds, and rainbow lorikeets. Believe it or not I live in a suburban area!

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