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Photographer, blogger, and social media communicator.

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All images copyright 2014-2015, roamingpursuits

Timelapse credit: Sam Woosley

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  1. Thanks for your comment at Lori Notes. I stopped by and watched the hyperlapse of Melbourne, and sent the link to my videographer husband. Really fine work!

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  2. Hi there – I have always wanted to go to Australia and see Melburne. Thanks to your blog I want to see it even more.

    P.S. Pictures on your blog look great too!

    – Ruta

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  3. Thanks for liking and commenting my post! You’re photography is beautiful! Hope I get to jump the ditch and see the pretty sights of Melbourne one day.

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  4. Thanks for recent “like” .Your photos are amazing. And wow ! Melbourne – I was there in loooooong back in 2006 , enjoyed my time there and this video or anyone/anything from Melbourne is automatically added to my favorite list 🙂

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  5. Love the photos. Thanks for the like on my blog. Keep up the good work and keep the photos coming. You’ve got a great eye.

    Best wishes,

    Nick Fox

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  6. After watching this piece once, I thought I’d turn off the lights in my studio so I could watch it in the dark. It is mesmerizing and exciting. Loved it.
    Oh… and thank you for visiting my Blog. I never would have found yours without the visit. Much appreciated 🙂 I know I don’t have to say it, but: ‘keep up the great work’.

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