Steampuff Galore








Puffing Billy Railway was built in the Dandenong Ranges dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Puffing Billy, the steam train, is one one of the oldest steam trains of its kind to be up running throughout the year with the exception of Christmas Day. A key feature of the train is its open side carriages where passengers can dangle their legs from the sides throughout the 25 kilometre mountain track journey. Along the way, visitors get on and off the different stations that dot the line stretching from Belgrave to Gembrook.

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18 thoughts on “Steampuff Galore

  1. Great photos and another trip down memory lane for me. In 1976 my husband had the job (paid) to maintain the rail for the whole of the Puffing Billy track :-). We had lots of happy times there.

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    • Thanks for the nice words and for sharing your thoughts. Your husband has done a good job during his time as well as those who currently maintain it as it is still running smoothly to this day.


  2. A great ride! my wife and children have all enjoyed going back there, and now our grandchildren. It is a very special part of the Dandenong history. Thanks for your really well documented photo feature.

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  3. Wow, that looks like great fun, especially the leg-dangling part! I admit to a lot of ignorance about Australia, especially in your area – I was surprised to see that you have gorgeous autumn colours too, as we have in Ontario (Canada) in September and October. In what month were your picture taken? Thanks for the education and enjoyable feature! 🙂

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