Parliament House and Gardens





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The Parliament Gardens, designed by William Guilfoyle, follows a European style; it includes a tennis court and a bowling green. The Federal Oak, a tree planted by Sir Henry Parkes in 1890, stands tall inside A notable ‘oriental-style’ pavilion that was part of the 1890 Australian Federation Conference photographs remain to this day. Garden Tours are available for free.

The Victorian State government, awash with wealth from gold and wool exports, commissioned architect Peter Kerr to design a building in the Roman revival style. The Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council chambers were the first to be completed in 1856. Significant works were subsequently built until the 1930s. Architecture Tours are free but is subject to availability. Check out the second part of this post: Parliament of Victoria

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17 thoughts on “Parliament House and Gardens

  1. As always, lovely pictures with historical nuggets to whet our appetites to learn more. Especially for me because I live in the USA and have never traveled (I should say yet) to your country.

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