Gods, Myths, and Mortals








Melbourne is home to the second largest Greek population in the world outside of Greece. The Hellenic Museum in Melbourne celebrates the cultural heritage of ancient and contemporary Greece through educational programs, a permanent collection and changing exhibitions. Currently, the featured exhibition Gods, Myths, and Mortals is staged in conjunction with the Benaki Museum, Athens. Greek civilisation spanning 8,000 years is on display; the treasured artifacts range from Neolithic pottery, Cycladic statues, Mycenean jewellery, Byzantine icons and manuscripts, Post Byzanitine secular art and costumes, to Neo-Hellenic art and weaponry.

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8 thoughts on “Gods, Myths, and Mortals

  1. Interesting… I’ll never forget my visit to the Benaki in Athens…. or the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. I love museums! Thanks for the pics.

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