IMG_5479IMG_5485 IMG_5343IMG_2731 IMG_2727IMG_2728IMG_2673IMG_2722Travel Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne MenagerieTravel Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne MenagerieIMG_54102015-02-01 12.14.50

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IMG_2672IMG_2704IMG_2687IMG_2698IMG_2668Travel Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne MenagerieIMG_5388IMG_5465

Menagerie was a recently concluded free exhibition at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. It explored the role of animals in man’s life dating back to the 1630s, with an emphasis on the contemporary. The collection examines man’s tendency to project human characteristics on animals, and to treat them as if they were human. Dogs feature predominantly in a show consisting of multiple art forms that depict a variety of animals through painting, illustrations, sculpture, film, and taxidermised versions. Featured artists include Thomas Blinks, Maurizio Catellan, Ricky Swallow, and with drawings commissioned from famed sculptor Patricia Piccinini. Which animal do you like the most?

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16 thoughts on “Menagerie

  1. A great range of pictures. I especially like the dog and the bear with something over their heads (I think it looks like a pancake or pizza base). Thanks for sharing.

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