Cook’s Cottage








Cook’s Cottage, which dates back to 1755, has the distinction as the oldest building in Australia. It was built by the parents of Captain James Cook, the discoverer of Australia, in Yorkshire, England. Sir Russell Grimwade purchased the cottage in 1933, and bestowed it as a centenary gift to the state of Victoria. It was transported brick by brick from Great Ayton to Melbourne. The ivy cutting on the original building was survived the voyage intact. The ivy-covered is furnished with period pieces, and a herb garden flourishes outside.

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41 thoughts on “Cook’s Cottage

  1. The Fitzroy Gardens is a beautiful place. As well as Cook’s Cottage, there is also a miniature village and the famous Fairy Tree. Thanks for these great photos, roamingpursuits!

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  2. Looks beautiful! It’s funny that the oldest building is from 1755 when you go to other countries in Europe that have building from the 1200s and older. Makes you realize how ‘new’ these old places really are.

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  3. Great photos! I just love exploring old sites and visiting historical places. They make me think about life in those times and appreciate what we have nowadays. Thanks!

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  4. Wonderful photos ( the blues in them are great)…and history. A lovely house. Wouldn’t mind living there…without all the folks wandering through of course. However…you’d meet lots of great people I bet.

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  5. Great bit of history there, thanks for sharing it, and the lovely photos. I’m reblogging it, I love old buildings and this one’s being around for a while (well traveled too, by the sound of it) 😉

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