Happy Slam

IMG_9709 IMG_9731 IMG_9239 Australian Open MelbourneIMG_9248 IMG_9242IMG_9730 IMG_9630

IMG_9247 IMG_9246

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IMG_9408 Australian Open Melbourne Emirates SkydeckIMG_2468 IMG_9212 IMG_9808 IMG_9830IMG_9223 IMG_9219IMG_9826 IMG_9813 IMG_9817 IMG_9832 IMG_2488 IMG_9214

The Happy Slam took place last 19 January to 1 February at the Melbourne Olympic Parks. The newly renovated Margaret Court Arena is the second show court after Rod Laver Arena, while Hisense Arena is now known as the People’s Court. The Social Shack was prominently situated at Garden Square for coverage, including a daily AO radio social show between day and night sessions. Spectators can battle it out like pros on the People’s Court as kids have fun learning tennis through Tennis Hot Shots. The Grand Slam Oval continues to be the site for live entertainment and sponsor exhibits such as the X-Car. Do you have a similar experience at a tennis tournament? Feel free to share a link to the photos using the comments section.

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