Artist Colony

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Montsalvat is the oldest artist community in Australia.  It is a venue for artists to hone their craft in myriad ways:  poetry, literature, drama, glass, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, photography, drawing, film, sculpture, painting, composing and performing music, and creating musical instruments.

The visionary Justus Jörgensen founded Montsalvat in 1934. The charming period architecture of pise de terre (rammed earth) is spread about in the twelve acres of grounds where art is continuously practised. There’s an artist in residence program, arts education, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and literary events that take place. A guided tour of Montsalvat is available for visitors to view the estate that was used as the set for the 2014 movie “I, Frankenstein”. The Great Hall is also a popular place for wedding functions.

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38 thoughts on “Artist Colony

  1. This place is so beautiful and very unique. The photographs capture all the artistic charm. Definitely a place I may need to visit now if I ever get the chance. Loved the post 🙂

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