Christmas Summer



Christmas Melbourne Decor Santas MailboxIMG_6398

IMG_7060IMG_7055 IMG_7045Christmas Decorations Melbourne

Christmas Decorations Melbourne IMG_6408

Christmas Decorations Melbourne Christmas Decorations Melbourne

IMG_7468Christmas Decorations Melbourne

IMG_7470Christmas Decorations Melbourne


IMG_8280 IMG_8277

It is summer in December in Melbourne. Christmas Square is the highlight of Christmas decorations situated at the heart of the CBD. The decor includes interactive candy canes, nutcracker soliders, the nativity scene, and Santa’s house to name a few.The surrounding areas (including the Docklands, the local little Italy, and Chinatown) are decorated in the same colour scheme.

Are Christmas decors installed in the area where you live?

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22 thoughts on “Christmas Summer

  1. What wonderful pics! I did not realise Melbourne became so decorated at Christmas time. You have beautifully highlighted this! I have not even had a chance to see what Sydney city looks like.

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  2. Very nice pics. I have always found it strange to celebrate Christmas in summer as for us it is associated with snow and winter. It is so strange to see all of the decorations with summer light. But I know that for you it is normal… (Suzanne)

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  3. It is and this year here in Zagreb, Croatia is almost like down under ;). The tempriture is 16C and I know it is not even close but still quite a shock for us here. It should be snowing big time by now. Merry Christmas!

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